The Class of Wool

October 25th – 27th, 2018
Pender Island, British Columbia

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Increase the value of your wool by having the ability to classify your own fibre.

We are excited to offer this three day workshop on beautiful Pender Island,  British Columbia. 

Properly prepared wool is essential for the wool to be competitive in the wool market.  At shearing time, a classer examines variations in the fleeces as they are sorted and similar fleeces are bagged together.  If a lower quality fleece is bagged with a higher quality fleece, value is determined by the lower quality.  A wool classer inspects the wool staple for grade, length, strength, color, and more.  With an eye on the bottom line, a classer adds value to the wool.

This 3 day workshop is for you if you are:

  • A producer wanting to grow better fibre
  • A fibre enthusiast; knitter, spinner, weaver, felter
  • A mill operator/employee scouring, carding, & spinning wool
  • A fibre fair merchant/organizer
  • A craft guild/group member

The focus is training for producers, and those in the wool industry, this workshop will provide hands-on experience and in-class instruction.

Some of the topics to be covered include:

  • Wool Fibre Growth
  • Objective measurement of wool
  • Genetic selection programs, wool contamination
  • Handling practices and packaging, labeling and marking
  • Sheering site set-up and fleece preparation
  • Classing skirting and fleece comparisons

Workshop Facilitator

Dr. Lisa McKinley Surber

Dr. Lisa Mckinley Surber is the Wool Education Coordinator for the North American Sheep Association and provides Wool Classing Workshops across the USA and Canada.

Lisa received her Bachelor’s in Animal Science, Master in Ruminant Nutrition and PhD in Animal and Range Science with emphasis in Ruminant 

Nutrition all from Montana State University.

Dr. Surber has worked for Montana State University as the Montana Wool Laboratory Manager and prior to that  as a research scientist at MSU, where she published extensively, received multiple awards, and taught graduate and under graduate students.

She specializes in both beef and sheep and her research involves feedlots, animal nutrition, forage analysis, beef and sheep production, and range livestock systems.  She is also very active in Montana agricultural networks.

Vermont Wool Classing 01

Photos from the Vermont Sheep and Goat Association

Waitara Farm Pender Island

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Join us at Waitara Farms on the Bedwell Harbour Road on North Pender Island British Columbia.  We’ll just push aside a couple of antique cars and we’re good to go.  

If you require help in finding a place to stay for the night, there are plenty of interesting places on Pender.  We can help you make reservations.

Hands on practice, expert experience at your disposal for 3 full days of instruction. 

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Hosted by
The Pender Island Farmers Institute

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